Our Story


Our Story

Ocean, n. A body of water occupying about two-thirds of a world made for man — who has no gills.”

Nothing is impossible with the right amount of practice and creativity. Roatan Dive Academy’s combined dive expertise, local knowledge, and unique setting can provide you with an unparalleled PADI education and experience. Our team of elite level certified PADI pro’s have the training and dedication to help you reach your professional scuba goals, whatever they may be.

Founded as the Training branch for Subway Watersports, Mayan Divers and Subway South; we offer a fully comprehensive Go Pro PADI path in an ideal tropical island paradise. Our affiliation with Mayan Divers and Subway South allows us to offer first-rate accommodations, equipment, and resources for your professional scuba training and certification. From divemaster to technical, from open-water instruction to dive shop management, we have everything you need to achieve success and have fun doing it.

Surrounded by the second largest Great Barrier Reef, continuously warm water, great visibility, a breathtaking underwater landscape, and an abundance of marine life – Roatan Dive Academy is the premier location to ensure an unforgettable experience while receiving your training. We take pride in being the only dive operation in Roatan to offer such a wide array of locations and learning opportunities. Our Dive Centers and staff have teamed up to provide you with the best all-around PADI training and certification experience in the Caribbean.

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